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Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, a former Republican congressional candidate, and Parler investor, went apeshit on FOX & Friends earlier this week about the ultra-conservative extremist possibly terrorist social media platform being banned from Amazon, Apple, and Google, and their app stores, in the wake of the domestic terror attack on the Capitol:

“We were wiped out! … I have not slept all weekend. They have effectively tried to bankrupt me and my investors on Parler, and you know what? They won. … They wiped a company from the face of the Earth this morning, and liberals and the media are celebrating it. What are we gonna talk by? Carrier pigeon? You think this is gonna help? You think this is gonna de-radicalize everyone, pushing them underground? What planet do you live on?”

Yes, this dick went on the most popular news organization in the world to complain that he’s been silenced.

Oh the idiocy.