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Kristopher Dreww, a gay man who was involved in last week’s Capitol riots says he is now in fear for his life.

Um, no kidding queen. You attacked a federal building and what? Thought you’d get a pat on the head and a few likes on Instagram?

This is what This Bitch posted to social media that day:

“I just got back from storming the Capitol. It was successful. For all you bitches on Facebook going crazy talking about it was Antifa, and saying it wasn’t us, it was us. We proudly took back our Capitol. I’m only at the hotel to get some gear on, I’m going back, baby. They brought the National Guard out for us. We had the f**king cops running from us. Not because they are bitches but because they are smart. We did it. God it’s so exhilarating!”

And then people who, oh, I dunno, take issue with terrorists, came for This Bitch on social media and as all little pansy pseudo-terrorists do, This Bitch changed his tune:

“I do regret not doing my research and not knowing what people were in there. I am proud we took back our house, but I thought we took it back peacefully. I never went inside the Capitol. I am a waste of time [for authorities to investigate], but there are other people who did terrible things and should be arrested. I didn’t go to Washington for Donald _____. I went there for everyone’s vote to count.”

Poor little Drew sure sings a different tune now that he ….suddenly … realizes he was part of a terrorist plot? He didn’t know what he was doing, but he had ‘gear’ with him?

And he clearly isn’t that stupid, because he uses social media to talk up his MAGAt love calling himself the Adorable Deplorable.

Well, one of those words is true.