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~ The Twins ~

[ID: art of Taako and Lup from TAZ Balance. They are both thin elves with brown skin and straight blonde hair. Taako wears his hear in a long, loose braid over one shoulder. He has a green long-sleeved shirt and blue trousers, and he wears a red cape and a blue wizard’s hat. Lup’s hair is chin-length, and she wears a navy blue crop top and a long blue skirt with a brown belt. She also wears a red cape, with the hood pulled up. They are sitting side-by-side. Taako is sitting up straight with his legs crossed, looking back over his shoulder at Lup behind him. Lup is slightly more hunched over, gesturing and with her mouth open as though she’s talking to Taako. The art is a looping gif; periodically, Lup dissolves into static, leaving Taako alone, before reappearing. End ID]