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It’s been nearly a week since a group of butt-hurt faux-patriots and homegrown terrorists carrying Confederate flags stormed our nation’s Capital building, smashing doors and windows, looting government offices and making their way to the chambers. And all because they didn’t like the outcome of an election and bought into a narcissistic asshat wailing that the election had been stolen.

And just to be clear for the people in the back … this was nothing like Black Lives Matter supporters taking to the streets to protest another murder of a Black American at the hands of police, this was a bunch of cowards furious that _____ lost; these were disgruntled losers who were pissed off and bought into the lies that _____, and many in the GOP, spewed about voter fraud; they were angry that the states didn’t change their ballots, irate that the courts didn’t change the election, incensed that the Electoral College did its duty, and enraged that Congress was about to do the same.

Now, we all know of ______’s involvement, spurring on the rioters before he skulked back to the White House to Tweet his anger at Mike Pence. But who else is to blame? Junior, who also spoke and riled up the crowd, along with Rudy Giuliani, who continued his Tour of Lies about election fraud. And even Daddy’s best girl, Ivanka, who called the rioters ‘patriots’ before deleting that Tweet. Then there’s Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, Lindsey Graham, and many more to blame, because they fed the fire to a bunch of sore losers that an election was stolen. What they did by seeking to deny the results of an election, by refusing acknowledge Joe Biden’s win, was akin to shouting shouted ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater. They, and all their coconspirators, those twelve Senators and 140 Congress members, should be removed from office at first chance; unless of course the media and We The People force them to resign for aiding and abetting terrorism.

Let’s include Senator Ben Sasse [NE] in this mess; while he has been critical of _____, he has not directly called for removal he has said he was “open” to impeachment proceedings.

I guess that dead police officer, as well as the threats to national security, and our legislators isn’t enough to spur Sasse on to actually doing something.

And then we have Michael Elizabeth Pence, whose life was threatened by the rioters storming the House Chambers while ______ Tweeted from the White House of his outrage over Pence not contesting the vote, is said to be opposed to invoking the 25th Amendment.

Your boss basically called on his minions to murder you, but you’ll wait and see; weigh your options?

And then we have my personal favorite, Senator Lindsey Graham [SC], whose lips have never been far from _____’s ass, even though he gave that drunken, whimpering, simpering speech in Congress after the riots about being sad about his BFFs behavior, is now saying this is the “it is time to heal and move on.”

The queen of the ‘thoughts and prayers’ crowd is hoping that the traitor in the Oval will behave and Miss  Lindsey won’t have to grow a spine. Oh, and Graham has some words about impeachment:

“If Speaker Pelosi pushes impeachment in the last days of the _____ presidency it will do more harm than good.”

More harm than good? What is more harmful to our country that having a group of armed, Confederate flag waving, Holocaust denying insurrectionists spurred on by the president invading our Capitol? What’s more harmful than having the Senator from one state call the Georgia Secretary of State and ask him to recount the votes in favor of _____. The most harm done to this country is allowing people like Lindsey Graham to represent us.

So, while Democrats are pushing for impeachment, resignation, or demanding his Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this lunatic from office, the GOP, after about twenty-four hours of outrage, would like us to be calm …thoughts and prayers. They say they want to move on from this divisiveness but seem to have forgotten that by denying the results of a free and fair election, by taking months and months to even acknowledge Biden’s win, that they are responsible for dividing this country and then trying to set fire to it by riling up a crowd of insurgents.

The GOP also argues that there is no time for impeachment before _____ leaves office, but the Democrats are open to impeaching him  after he’s gone—which can be done—and could result in him losing his pension, his Secret Service detail, and, more importantly, the ability to ever run for federal office again.

And let’s make this clear, as well, the GOP wants to “move on” from this, not because they want unity, but because they don’t want their names associated with _____ and his MAGAts’, at least for now. But justice must be served for the traitors and the enablers. Then and only then can we move on.

Buckle up, Republicans, because not only are Democrats enraged by you, but the MAGAts are done with your party and are coming for you.

But not everyone in the party has so quickly decided to forget the terror attack on the capitol like it was just another school shooting.

Republican Senators Pat Toomey [PA] and Lisa Murkowski [AK], and Representative Adam Kinzinger [IL] have all called for _____ to resign or be removed from office. And several GOP governors—Vermont’s  Phil Scott, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, and Massachusetts’s Charlie Baker—have also demanded that _____ resign or be removed by force.

And a  handful of Cabinet officials have resigned in protest, most notably Elaine Chao, AKA Mrs. Mitch McConnell, Betsy “Cruella” DeVos, and former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. There is less idea that they are angry, and it feels more like they want the stink of ______ washed off of them.

But even _____’s personal Attorney General Bill Barr, who resigned last month not long after denying _____’s allegations of voter fraud, said that “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable.”

And so, another idea has come up; Congress could have a separate vote that would prevent _____ from ever holding office again. That could be done quickly and would potentially only need a simple majority vote of 51 senators, unlike impeachment, in which two-thirds of the Senate must support a conviction. And with the Senate split evenly at 50-50, under Democratic control, Vice President Kamala Harris would be the Senate’s tie-breaking vote.

And we’d never have to see that traitorous, rapist, racist, adulterous, transphobic, mother%ker is ever in power again.

Oh, and let’s not forget that if any of the several states who are gearing up to charge _____ with any number of crimes, wins their cases, a felon couldn’t be elected to official.

And that also works for me.

I want him gone. I’d like him chains, but that may never happen. But get him out and write it down in history that he is a twice-impeached, one-term, lame-duck loser.

Tarnish the name. Tarnish the name for the entire family so that if any one of them ever decides to run for office, they’ll have to explain about their father.

The traitor.