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Traitors; challenging the results of a free and fair election over two months after it occurred because they don’t like the results.

Cowards; turning tail and running when their hate-filled, lie-filled propaganda stirred a mob of homegrown domestic terrorists to storm our nation’s Capitol. To break windows; break down doors, take over chambers; take over offices.

I am sitting here watching traitorous Kelly Loeffler now say she will not object to the certification of the election as though she has made a heroic sacrifice. Fuck her; why this woman, who made millions off the deaths of Americans from COVID, who lost her election just yesterday when the people of Georgia decided Blue was the color to follow, is speaking at all is beyond me. She incited hatred and terror with her words, even in defeat; she should be in jail not in Congress.

Liars; trying to save face when they know they are, in great part, responsible, for this attack on our country by our own citizens.

Cheats; who know they had no power to overturn the election, but who still stood in solidarity with ringleaders and traitors like Josh Hawley and Ted Crux who brought this on, who are the cause of this riot, who spurred on terrorism, and who have the blood of those four American citizens who were killed yesterday, on their hands.

I’m sick; I’m sick of the rhetoric and the hate and the cowering before _____. We have spent four years listening to him spew hate about people of color, the LGBTQ+ community; women; dead soldiers; our military veterans and heroes. Four years of hate, of lies, of cheating, of traitorous behavior.

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton lost to _____ and I was devastated. I had long said, what would an alleged billionaire who ran every business he owned into the ground, an adulterer who cheated on all three of his wives, a racist who refused to rent apartments to Black Americans, ever do for America when all he has ever done is for himself.

Well, what he did for America was come awfully close to destroying it because he cannot handle the truth; because he fears prison, because he fears the voice of his father ringing in his ears …. Loser! Loser! Loser!

I remember four years ago listening to the group who would become MAGAts calling me a snowflake and telling me to “Get over it.”

Well, now it’s your turn. Get the fuck over it. Get all the way the fuck over it. He lost. The majority of Americans have had enough with racism in the Oval; we are tired of a crime family profiting off this government, profiting off a pandemic. We are tired; we are over it.

We are over it.

And we voted. We voted him out. And, as is his right, he objected and called it fraud without one single bit of evidence of fraud. He sued … sixty-one times … and he lost … sixty-one times.  He demanded his Attorney General, his own personal Attorney General, to declare fraud, and that man, who had carried ______’s water for years, refused; he saw no fraud. He demanded the United States Supreme Court, to which he appointed three ultra-conservative justices to, call the election a fraud, and they denied his request. The electoral College certified the election; and all that was left before the Biden-Harris inauguration was a ceremonial event in Congress to read the votes and certify them.

But a handful of liars and cheats and cowards and traitors, led by Cruz and Hawley, the lapdogs of evil, couldn’t get over it and vowed to fight the certification, to object. And because of those liars and cheats and traitors and cowards our country was attacked by some of its own people.

After 9/11 we all vowed to never forget. Make that vow again to never forget what the GOP and its group of traitorous cowardly thugs did to our country today.

Never forget. Vote them out. Make America Better Again.