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Clearly, that other party doesn’t know when they’ve been beaten at the ballot box, or they are so terrified of a racist rapist transphobic, criminal con man adulterous impeached one-term lame-duck loser, that they will deny the rule of law, deny our own Constitution, in an effort to overturn an election that has been won by Biden and lost by that other guy, because at least 140 House ReTHUGlicans will likely be joining GOP Senator Josh Hawley, of Missouri, and ten other ReTHUGlican Senators in objecting to the Electoral College results.

As a result, the two chambers of our Congress will be forced to debate for two hours before Joe Biden is declared the winner since Democrats hold the majority in the House and most Senate Republicans—the ones who aren’t traitors—will likely join Senate Democrats in certifying the results over those objections.

Plainly speaking, ReTHUGlicans are working to subvert a legal election to keep _____ in power because they are afraid that when they run for reelection ______ will not support them and actively campaign against them. These ReTHUGlicans are putting themselves, ______, and whatever will be left of the GOP over this country, over the Constitution, over democracy.

It will not be forgotten. Even as other members of the GOP speak out against this lunacy; that, except for a few in Congress. GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska said:

“I think it’s awful. I am going to support my oath to the Constitution. That’s the loyalty test here.”

Mitt Romney, GOP Senator from Utah called Hawley’s move “disappointing and destructive, while Ben Sasse claims its Hawley’s ambition to place himself in the position to run for president one day.

Even the GOP Senator from Mississippi, Roger Wicker, says:

“I’m going to vote to certify the election. I don’t think it’s a good idea and I don’t understand his reasoning.”

Let’s make it perfectly queer: ______ lost the popular vote by some 8 million votes … lost the Electoral College by a count of 306 to 232 … lost all efforts for recounts … offered no evidence of voter fraud … was told by his own Pit Bull Attorney General that the election was fair … and was soundly sent packing by a Supreme Court that he, himself, packed with conservative justices.

Now, while I tried to find the names of those 140 GOP Congressman, and given that most are silently sitting by because they have no spines, no balls, I do have the names of those 11 ReTHUGlican senators who are saying they will vote on January 6 to reject the electors from certain states—just the ones _____ lost; remember the names of these cowards and traitors to our country:

Ted Cruz

Ron Johnson

James Lankford

Steve Daines

John Kennedy

Marsha Blackburn

Mike Braun

Cynthia Lummis

Roger Marshall

Bill Hagerty

Tommy Tuberville

Remember them. Bounce them from office the very next time they are up for reelection, even if, no, even when, they turn tail and say were _____’s lapdogs and cowards and traitors to this country.

A group of seven House Republicans—Ken Buck from Colorado, Chip Roy from Texas, Nance Mace, newly elected by South Carolina, and Thomas Massie of Kentucky—released a statement, also signed by Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, and Tom McClintock of California making it clear that the US Constitution gives states—not Congress—responsibility for selecting electors.

The voters selected Joe Biden; every state in the Union certified the results of their elections, whether it was _____ or Biden as the winner; the Electoral College cast  the majority of their votes for Biden; sixty lawsuits were filed claiming voter fraud and all sixty were dismissed; SCOTUS told _____ to get over it.

We’re over it. The GOP, led by traitors Hawley and Cruz have not gotten over it, and they must not be forgotten.

Vote Blue. Always. Teach the GOP, or what’s left of it, and _____, or what’s left of him, that this behavior is unamerican and traitorous and wrong. Pay attention to what happens this week, and what your Senators and Congressman do, and vote accordingly. Send a message that this kind of behavior will never be voted for, will not be tolerated or won’t ever be rewarded.