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A little art around the house … the three smaller prints on the side are woodblock prints we bought in Bellingham of an ancient fish, an ancient tree and an ancient moth; I’ll take closeups later.

The Native American watercolor was done by a friend of mine and I have had it for decades, taking it with me on every move. My friend Roz painted two Native American Chiefs for me, and I have both in our living room; I’ll also take a picture of that one later. 
On the far right are two watercolors painted by a woman named Verna Gannon in Sacramento that hung in a restaurant some friend’s owned. Each time I would go to that restaurant I would look at them and then I bought them. One is an eerie scene of trees in fog, and the other is a brilliantly colored vision of people that seem to be rising.

We bought this African jug on a trip to Aiken; it’s not terribly old, but I loved the color and the roughhewn shape of it. Plus, it was sitting in this wooden base, which we found out was sold separately, but we bought that, too. Looking closely, you see it was once one piece of wood, carved into a stand that also has faces on the tops that hold the jug. It isn’t African, but again, it looked so good together we bought both.

Lastly, there is a Mexican art form where people paint brilliantly colored impressionistic paintings on tree bark that has been flattened into a canvas. We have several around the house, but these were gifts from Tia Gloria and are my favorites.

So, there you have it, a little more Things I Like Around the House.