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I like this one, and then I don’t. I like that it seems to be set in some kind of jungle area in Mexico, but I don’t like that it’s actually set within a residential country club in Avándaro, México. Country club? Me?

I like the openness, but then it’s kind of dark. I like the stone, but the wooden interiors seem kind of unfinished. I like a dark bedroom, but lovelovelove that light-filled bathroom.

But, and this might be the biggest but—sorry Nicki or KK—I love the design. I love that, given the mountain character of the site, the home was designed specifically for this plot of land. And the idea that the house was rotated on-site to obtain the best orientations and the best and widest views towards the golf field.

Golf? Me?

Still, by rotating the perimeter walls of the house, they create several diagonal landscaped spaces that open to the home and to the :::gulp::: golf course beyond. The main great room sits on ground level, with access to a pool that is both indoors and out; as is the great room, with walls of glass that slip out of sight to open up the entire space.

One the floor, rooms are arranged around a central space for distribution and collection of solar energy; this area also becomes sort of an observation platform, with views toward different parts of the forest that surrounds the home. The four bedrooms contained under the roof all have soaring ceilings and mezzanines at the highest points of the home.

I like it, and I don’t; I like the idea of the house, but move it away from the country club please.

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