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 It’s never a dull moment here at Casa Bob y Carlos, and this past Saturday was no exception. We awoke to find that it was 19-degrees outside, with a high of about 35 for the day. I took off to run some errands and while I was out, Carlos called to tell me the heat had stopped. He’d called our heating guy but he couldn’t come until the next day.

Back home, with  space heater, knit caps, sweaters and sweats and thick socks we muttered through the day, and night, when the temperature again fell, though not as cold as 19-degrees; this time it was a practically balmy 21-degrees.

Sunday was space heaters, socks, sweats, sweaters, caps, slippers, blankets, cats and dogs, all wrapped up in and on us. The heating guy came around 11AM and within about ten minutes warm air was again flowing through the casa,

The best part was Carlos telling the repairman how ironic it was that the heat always goes out in winter, and the AC in summer, and the repairman, bless his heart a deeply Southern gentleman, replied:

“Well, I guess that only happens cuz cuz y’ain’t using the heat in summer.”

PS I saw this outfit online and have ordered a pair for Carlos and me, in case the heat ever goes out again … even in summer.